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        Lonshine Technologies (Suzhou) Co. is a high-tech company which dedicated in development of Micro Ultrasound Imaging Equipment and High-End Smart Hardware product. The company is one of world leading companies which owns core IP and technologies in mobile smart ultrasound imaging technology, device and equipment development. The company was founded in June 2010 and registered in Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, P. R.China.


        Lonshine  is an innovative company that consists of a group of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs who have wide working experience at top domestic and international companies and institutes in medicine and smart hardware industry. The company is a strategic partner of Intel Cooperation on development of portable mobile ultrasound device and tablet solutions. 


The company's main products include smart mobile ultrasound imaging equipment (portable type and tablet type), ultrasound image module which can be connected with any smart phone or tablet (Windows or Android OS) through USB port as accessory, and various types of software APP running on the equipment system for specific ultrasound image medicine diagnosis applications. These products can be widely used in medical applications like hospital clinical treatment, emergency medicine, primary care, obstetrics and gynecology, guided procedures for injections, aspirations, vascular access, and line placement, as well as remote medicine. Besides, they can also provide great helps in cosmetics, sports and health management, such as cosmetic surgery, injection guidance, measurement of muscle and subcutaneous fat etc. 

        The company's mSonics series of smart mobile ultrasound portable device fill in gaps of lack of ultrasound image equipment for basic medical institutions in China and the third world countries. As well, it plays more and more important  roles for improving point-of-care, clinical diagnostic methods and efficiency of clinic diagnosis, due to its innovation features like wireless connection (3G/4G/Wfi), full touch screen and easy-to-use interface for non-radiologist usage, online and offline on-device technical training as well as remote cloud support for reading ultrasound image and guidance for operation. 

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